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Old Hickory's Diary

Diary Entry date 20th January 2006 ... This time Old Hickory looks at:

  1. The latest renewal of the oil scare
  2. Gordon Brown
  3. The elite EU superstate
  4. David Cameron 


Diary Entry date 1st August 2005 ... This time Old Hickory looks at:

  1. The death of Edward Heath and thus, reflections on his life;
  2. The bombing of London and the aftermath
  3. The topic of the G8 summit; aid to Africa and climate change.


Diary Entry date 2nd January 2003 ... This time Old Hickory looks at:

  1. Firemen's Strike and the Law
  2. The Lords, the Home Secretary and Gaol Sentences
  3. The Great Britons Series.


Diary Entry date 4th July 2002 ... This time Old Hickory looks at:

  1. The Court of Appeal Judgement against Farrakhan
  2. The BNP and the Local Elections
  3. The Death of Lord Bauer


Diary Entry date 10th April 2002 ... This time Old Hickory looks at:

  1. The New Caring Conservatism
  2. Spin Doctors and the Jo Moore Affair
  3. The Socialist Party of Great Britain's Review of Bjorn Lomborg's Book


Diary Entry date 30th September 2001 ... This time Old Hickory looks at:

  1. The destruction in New York
  2. Dorothy Rowe's latest book
  3. The Tory leadership contest

"We used to fight fire with fire but now we know that the best way is with water." Jimmy Carter


Diary Entry date 27th June 2001 ...  This time Old Hickory looks at:


  1. The Riots in Leeds 
  2. The British National Party in Oldham 
  3. The General Election 
  4. Low Voter Turn-out 
  5. The Resignation of William Hague.


Diary Entry date 23nd January 2001 ...  This time, Old Hickory looks at:

  1. Clare Short and globalisation
  2. Anthony O'Hear on citizenship
  3. Hague on police morale
  4. The story of the Monarch butterfly and GM crops
  5. Michael Gove's call for Liberalism

Diary Entry date 4th December 2000 ... This time, Old Hickory looks at:

  1. Lord Macaulay
  2. The Whig Interpretation of History
  3. The BSE report and Risk in General
  4. Tony Blair's Green speech

Diary Entry date 18th October 2000 ... Old Hickory looks at:

  1. Zero Tolerance
  2. Representation Liberty & Politics
  3. Therapy and Religion

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THE Libertarian Alliance is proud to publish a series of articles on current affairs by 'Old Hickory', seen here aiming his stick at the windmill of knowledge.  Old Hickory has promised to fearlessly belabour all the sacred icons of the modern statists -- with no prisoners taken. 




" it ought to be read carefully by those of both the nominal Right and the nominal Left who profess to base their desire to promote development on a concern for the humanity and dignity of man."
Harry G. Johnson in Encounter


Professor Bauer argues that many of the staples of economic debate and policy are demonstrably invalid.


The most famous and influential history book published on England.